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Who we are? is an Online Store that offers a wide selection of food supplements, sports accessories, and fashionable sports clothing. The company was founded in 2014 and aims to promote the Polish brand of this type of products in the Benelux countries. The company's task is to provide Polish Trec Nutrition products to the Polish community living in this part of Europe and to present the assortment to potential customers who have never encountered the products of the popular Polish manufacturer Trec.

Trec Nutrition Netherlands Nutrients and Supplements. We run a sports nutrition store in the Netherlands.

🇵🇱 Supplements and nutrients for athletes by Trec Nutrition in the Netherlands. 🇳🇱

We carry out small and large orders, customer satisfaction is our priority, and flexibility and individual approach to each client is a very important element of our work. We do not only care about selling as much as possible, the most important thing for us is customer satisfaction, because when it appears, then we ourselves feel the fulfillment.

☑ Carbohydrate supplements,

☑ Carbohydrate and protein supplements,

☑ Protein supplements,

☑ Amino acids,

☑ HMB Acid,

☑ Creatines,

☑ Pre-workout Boosters,

☑ Testosterone Boosters,

☑ Fat burners,

☑ Thermogenics metabolism activators,

☑ Fatty acids,

☑ Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,

☑ Formulas supporting joints,

☑ Functional food,

☑ Means for stimulation and concentration as well as pre-training

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+31 0619696485 Patryk

Vitamin Shop Den Haag, Troelstrakade 523 2531AM. We are open from Monday to Friday 12:00-19:00 and Saturday 11:00-16:00

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